About Us


WCC Furniture & Mattress Center got its start in 2000. The Warehouse Clearance Center had one primary goal: we wanted to sell furniture and mattresses.

As a locally owned and operated store surrounded by national furniture chains, we needed to set ourselves apart. We did so by selling our merchandise at drastically lower prices than our competitors.

Additionally, we found that having a non-commissioned sales staff created a much more pleasant shopping experience. By eliminating the high-pressure sales approach, both the staff and the customers were able to relax and enjoy a more honest and upfront shopping experience.

Our first location was true to its name. It was a warehouse: unfinished walls, drafty, everything you would expect from a true warehouse.

In this first location, our company and its reputation began to grow. The allure of non-pressure sales and incredible value helped the company and our customer base to grow.

With this growth came new goals. We began to shift our primary focus away from strictly moving merchandise, to providing the best value and experience in the industry.

This new-found focus on service proved to support our drive to sell merchandise, and soon, our once-small company had outgrown its original warehouse.

We decided to break ground on a new location directly across the street from where we got our humble start. In February 2015, WCC Furniture & Mattress Center opened the doors to our new location at 255 Ridge Rd.

Although the building is much larger, the staff has more than quadrupled, and the number of brands carried has expanded, our primary goals of moving merchandise and providing exceptional customer service have remained the same. We continue to offer quality brands at drastically discounted prices through a friendly, no-pressure sales approach.

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