Are Your Brands Loyal To You?

🤔Did you know according to research and data that it costs a company 5x more to get a new customer to purchase a good or service than it does to get an existing customer to purchase again?
Companies try to build brand recognition so that the customer thinks of their company first when the customer needs a specific good or service.
~Companies call this brand loyalty, and we experience brand loyalty every day.
Which of the new release phones is best?
Which food delivery service do you choose?
What's the best footwear for dressing casual, or the best footwear for running or working out?
Brands and companies will promote and talk about inclusion and brand loyalty because at the end of the day it helps save just a few more dollars.
However, WCC Furniture & Mattress Center view loyalty a bit different.
We believe that in order to have loyal customers we the company FIRST need to be loyal to our customers in every aspect of the business.
~As it should, loyalty starts at the top, and here at WCC Furniture & Mattress Center we are local owner and operated.
~From the moment you enter our doors to the moment you have your new furniture in your home, every aspect of our business is dedicated to being loyal to our customers first.
~We always aim to provide the best value possible on products we sell and service we provide. (Why would another company expect you to be loyal to them when they ask you to pay more for the same product?)
~The sales staff are a non-commissioned team, set on giving every customer a no-pressure, knowledgeable buying experience.
~Our desk staff covers every item and price on every ticket, including providing complete transparency on payments on all our financing options.
~Our warehouse and delivery crews are helping you complete your living space, with quick and professional delivery.
~Our management and customer service team are dedicated to assisting and resolving product issues, from repairs to reselections.
~We even offer great discounts to Emergency Responders who serve the Acadiana area.
So we ask you Acadiana: are you loyal to your brands and are your brands loyal to you?
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